28 February 2024 4YFN


4YFN24 DAY 3: Just do it

28 February 2024 4YFN

Stop for a moment and look around you. You will soon notice that 4YFN is something out of the ordinary. You will see brave, non-conformist, dreamy people who disrupt, drive and co-create as if we were already in 2028. Because although this technological look into the future may seem distant, these people know that the time to start acting is now. “Just do it” and, if possible, in good company.


The CEO journey: disruption, skills & scaling

We don’t know to what extent these CEOs have been inspired by the famous swoosh brand, but Carlota Pi (CEO of Holaluz), Aram Sargsyan (COO of FreeNow) and Oriol Hernàndez (CEO of Rever) firmly believe that their slogan – even modus vivendi – also applies to running a company. In a session moderated by Miquel Martí (CEO of Tech Barcelona) at the Banco Sabadell Stage, they pointed out the importance of having vision, building a solid relationship with the founding team, focusing on scaling, also as a person, and being prepared to accept mistakes and make difficult decisions. 30 minutes were not enough time to summarise the odyssey involved in taking on the position of CEO.

Institutional visits

Today we were visited by Albert Castellanos, secretary general of Empresa i Treball, and a delegation led by Josep Sánchez Llibre, president of Foment del Treball Nacional.


BCN-MAD airlift

“The more we are, the more strength we will have to get where we want to go”. Juan Baselga and Sara Pedraz shared the models of Tech Barcelona and Patio Madrid as promoters of the two largest technological ecosystems in the country, showing that we are united by the same purpose and ambition.


TB pitching Session 3 & 4.

More than 20 people, once again, brave, non-conformist, dreamers, who disrupt, drive and co-create, have pitched at our stand today. And, to top it off, they are our members.


Going for a walk

The retail sector is also attending 4YFN in search of technological solutions, and we at Tech Barcelona can guide them. This morning we accompanied the participants of the TB Retail Working Group to show them some of the most outstanding projects at the MWC: from technology already applied by IBM and Vodafone, to developments in progress at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and other research centres.

TB Content session. “Welcome to the future of mobility: from research to reality”

Indeed, we insist once again, bringing the large amount of science we generate in Catalonia to the market would make us take a giant step forward at a global level. It is in this process of making initiatives tangible in order to generate impact on society where actors such as i2Cat, a research centre that on this occasion has presented some of its mobility projects: autonomous vehicles, digital twins, etc., come into play.



At this time last year, Sycai Medical claimed victory in the EmprendeXXI awards. Now, in 2024, it has achieved success once again by winning the Impact Awards from EAE Business School. Congrats!


Full sail astern

If they tell you that sails in offshore sailing are a thing of the past, tell them they couldn’t be more wrong. Eva Pizá (ACE Barcelona) talked about the power of the America’s Cup and Dana Camps (Bound4blue) opened our eyes with great merchant ships powered by the wind.


TB Content session. Talent trends by Michael Page

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people prefer work-life balance over professional success? Joana Barbany (Page Group) presented the results of the latest Michael Page International Talent Report..


And many more TB Content Sessions

Scaling and innovating with Qonto, financing with Capital Cell and tidying up the data of a monster in the gaming sector like Scopely with MongoDB. Here we see them in all colours.


Just do it and come tomorrow too.