28 November 2023 TB news TB Partner


Artefacto E2E becomes Tech Barcelona’s new technological partner

28 November 2023 TB news TB Partner
  • The innovation studio will implement digital solutions that will improve the association’s database management, which is representative of the technological and digital ecosystem of Barcelona.

Barcelona, 28 November 2023. – The innovation and digital business development studio Artefacto E2E, based at Pier01, has signed a collaboration agreement with Tech Barcelona to become the association’s new technology partner. As a result, the studio will implement digital solutions to improve the management of Tech Barcelona’s database, with information on more than 6,500 companies, and achieve more personalised communication between its members and partners.

“Information management is fundamental in an association like ours. We are well-versed in how Artefacto E2E operates, as members of Tech Barcelona since 2020. We understand that the implementation of their digital solutions is key during this period of expansion we’re currently experiencing: with over 1,300 members, 90 partners, and an increasingly diversified and international technological and digital environment, these management solutions help us maintain greater control over information for the benefit of the entire ecosystem,” said Miquel Martí, CEO of Tech Barcelona.

According to Frederic Dalmau and Ana Galindo, partners and co-CEOs of Artefacto E2E, “Artefacto E2E brings digital solutions to Tech Barcelona with a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, aiming for a more robust and connected technological future”.