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Calle 27, Sector BZ, Zona Franca Barcelona, 10-16, Barcelona, Barcelona 08040, ES


DFactory has born to become a hub for the creation of an ecosystem to encourage the promotion and development of 4.0 industry. This center is a tool to boost the transformation of the Spanish productive framework and support companies during their digital digitization process. It is a non-profit private association, promoted the CZFB in partnership with Leitat, which seeks to establish Barcelona as the center of 4.0 innovation in Southern Europe. DFactory Barcelona is different not only because of its container, but also because of its contents. It houses the most outstanding companies and technologies, which will lead the next 4.0 revolution. These companies are coexisting and working together to develop and create new products in line with the leading trends. In order to achieve its goals, this initiative counts on shared laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology in these aspects: 3D Printing, Robotics, Blockchain & Cybersecurity, AI, IOT and Advanced Manufacturing. This initiative will help to enhance competitiveness in the manufacturing sector and drive economic transformation by incorporating investigation and innovation, as well as by means of common supporting technologies. New financial opportunities and quality jobs will therefore be generated thanks to the collaborative R&D spirit of this DFactory Barcelona center. In this regard, we expect DFactory Barcelona to generate 1,500 jobs directly, and up to 5,000 jobs indirectly. The DFactory Barcelona headquarters is very different to the spaces we are used to, regarding architecture: transparent, sustainable and accessible. The building is located in a unique strategical place: just in the middle of the industrial nexus, 10 minutes far from the airport, 5 minutes far from the docks and 15 minutes far from the center of Barcelona. The Metro station “La Factoría” is very close to the building too, and it was named after his initiative.