Promoting entrepreneurship: Lessons learnt from research

Por Esade Entrepreneurship Institute

Pier01 - Tech Barcelona
10:00 / 16:00
Actividad Pública

Let’s build high-quality startups!

Join our event “Promoting Entrepreneurship: Lessons learnt from research”

To celebrate our 30 anniversary, the Esade Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI) is organizing the “Promoting Entrepreneurship: Lessons learnt from research” next March 24th (10-16pm) in Barcelona; an event that connects research on entrepreneurship to the promotion of high-growth and high-quality entrepreneurship.

Data is key to build high-growth, high-quality and sustainable startups. Which is why we are inviting top researchers and founders to share cutting-edge knowledge on the different stages of venture creation: ideation, scale-up and financing. We will focus on translating the latest academic research on entrepreneurship into actionable insights to promote high-quality entrepreneurship, as well as how to manage the different stages of the entrepreneurial journey. We will also foster a discussion between researchers, practitioners, startup founders and managers promoting corporate entrepreneurship programs.


10:00 – Welcome by the Director General of Esade & Presentation of the event by Prof. George Chondrakis (Esade)

10:15 – Session 1: “Entrepreneurial ideas & testing”
Prof. Annelore Huyghe (Esade)
Guest Speaker: Alfonso Gambardella (Bocconi)

10:50 – Roundtable: Albert Bravo (IGL), Andrea Oliver (EmJoy), Philippe Gelis (Kantox)

11:40 – Break

12:00 – Session 2: “Entrepreneurial scaling”
Prof. Dimo Ringov (Esade)
Guest Speaker: Veroniek Collewaert (Vlerick)

12:40 – Roundtable: Miquel Martí (Tech Barcelona)

13:30 – Lunch break

14:30 – Session 3: “Entrepreneurial finance”
Prof. Daniel Blaseg (Esade)
Guest Speaker: Annamaria Conti (IE)

15:10 – Roundtable: Maria Alegre (Flori Ventures), Carlos Trenchs (Aldea Ventures), Marc Antoni Macià (NoviCap)

16:00 – Closing

Let’s empower evidence-based startup development! Come and join the discussion here.

Promoting entrepreneurship: Lessons learnt from research

10:00 / 16:00
Pier01 - Tech Barcelona
Actividad Pública