8 June 2021


IBM and Barcelona Tech City, a partnership with a long-term vision

8 June 2021

IBM Technology and Barcelona Tech City have been collaborating for several years “with an open mind, a capacity for learning and a long-term vision”, which has made us friends and allies. In this video, Javier Valencia, Vice President IBM Technology, and Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City, talk about innovation and talent, which are the pillars of this alliance aimed at providing technological solutions that help the development of the ecosystem.

The core areas of collaboration between IBM Technology and Barcelona Tech City are the cloud and Artificial Intelligence platform, IBM Research and support for startups. With the use of IBM Cognos Analytics in IBM Cloud, the partnership can help more than 1,000 companies find new ways to collaborate with each other. Likewise, the business intelligence capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics help Barcelona Tech City to discover within this platform, made up of very disparate companies from different sectors, new elements of connection or collaboration that drive innovation.

Read the details of the alliance here: