28 July 2021 TB Online


ONLINE PILLS 17 – Ymedia: Digital Strategies to Accelerate Brand Growth

28 July 2021 TB Online

Session: Online Pills 17: Ymedia: Accelerating Brand Growth

Date: 20/7/21


  • Roger Sendra, General Manager Ymedia Wink iProspect at Dentsu Barcelona
  • Jordi García, Strategic Insights director at Ymedia
  • Sonia Casado, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Ymedia – Dentsu Group

Presents: Paula Serra, Project Manager at Tech Barcelona

Take Aways:

  • CPM (cost per thousand impressions) becomes more relevant than CPA (cost per acquisition).
  • The pillars for results remain the same: strategy, innovation and measurement.
  • In 2023 it will be possible to block third-party cookies. The countdown to re-evaluate measurement strategies begins.


40% of CMOs in Spain state that their biggest challenge is to justify the return on every euro invested in marketing. Faced with the challenge of differentiating our brand from the thousands of impacts received by the user, it is increasingly important to have research and data to facilitate decision-making. Innovations such as artificial intelligence and big data have taken this analysis to the next level, allowing an increasingly detailed knowledge of the consumer and their behaviour, a vital metric for growth in the digital scenario.


In order to constantly improve cost per acquisition and facilitate decision making, the Ymedia team presents three strategies.

Brand Tracking

Opinion survey with ad hoc questions related to the KPIs we want to measure in order to know to what extent we meet the objectives. It is based on questions to the consumer related to the health of the brand: advertising recall, purchasing habits or brand image.

People Based Research

Analysis of consumer behaviour and their exposure to communication. The aim is to understand why people behave in a certain way, using artificial intelligence and big data, which form an x-ray of consumer drivers to decide between one brand or another.

Multimedia Attribution

Before making a conversion, the user receives a multitude of impacts. Knowing which ones are relevant is key to optimising resources, which is why Ymedia has developed Dyrect, an algorithmic model that calculates the impact of communication.