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Por Lupa Run

13 Oct 2022

Since we started a little over 2 years ago, we have been uniquely focused on building the best personal running coach, ever. One that can truly understand you, guide you and support you achieve your own goals. Whatever these are.

We know that running is more than just “put your shoes on and go”. Running is a lifelong practice where at each step we keep discovering ourselves. Our vision is to turn your running into a truly immersive experience, uniquely created for you, at each step.

To keep doing all of this, we need our community’s support. We have launched Lupa Run Plus +, our first Premium plan. Available on iOS.

Lupa Run Plus +, will allow you to keep accessing the best experiences and courses on the platform, many new ones coming, our pacer – the most advanced real-time coaching technology – as well as new updates bringing you new features (little spoiler, keep your watches ready!).

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