nanoStore — The Future Of The Utility Tokens

Por eXplorins

12 Jun 2023

To build and transform what exists in the physical world, everything’s starts with an atom: universe, life, ideas… and three gold atoms sum up to 1 nanometer.

Blockchain is one of the most significant inventions since the advent of the internet, but it has been blocked by reality. Blockchain technology tends to be stuck in the virtual, we need to build a proper implementation connected with the physical world, with us as humans. Discover in this article how NEAR Protocol allow us to create, distribute and explore new sustainable, interconnected and secure futures.

The mission of finding the “UTILITY” of the famous tokens is the gold that all the world have been looking for, and it comes in form of adapting the future into the present by giving value:

  • Useful: Real world things
  • Experiential: Human interaction
  • Phygital: Tangible production processes

Phygital is a term that combines the words “physical” and “digital” to describe an integrated or blended experience that combines elements of both physical and digital realms.

What is nanoStore?

nanoStore is a P2P marketplace for 3D Printable Products (Blockchain based lincense per print).

How does nanoStore work?

By using blockchain technology we make traceable transactions between prosumers, creators and 3D printing stores all connected around the world. During the journey, augmented reality (AR) allows users to try-on virtual items in the real world.

nanoStore advantages

User experience: TRY – BUY – PRINT

  1. TRY: AR try-on products in situ with your smartphone (Augmented Reality)
  2. BUY: Printing license of a product directly to the designers (Blockchain & Credit cards payment)
  3. PRINT: Print it in 3D near you and pay every time you print the product (3D Printer stores connected worldwide) 


  1. Increase customer experience by mixing realities
  2. Security & Transparency between all stakeholders 
  3. Innovation & Sustainability force – production on-demand 


Buy cool products glocally and produce where you are.


  1. Sustainability — A massive supply chain disruption: The impact on the environment of 3DP was observed to be 70% less compared to the traditional manufacturing process. nanoStore impact means achieving world sustainability in time. To do so, more than one SDG is tackled: #SDG8, #SDG9, #SDG10, #SDG11, #SDG12 & #SDG17.

The tradicional supply chain process represents de 92% of total GHG emissions in the world. “Emissions need to be reduced by 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050” EPA. “The top seven emitters (China, the United States of America, India, the European Union, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, Brazil) accounted for about half of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2020.” Net Zero

2. Creative industry — Democratisation of Product Design: nanoStore allows glocal designers to enter the market with the garante of saving their rights and monetization for their products:

  • Print license (Smart Contract license)
  • Intellectual property 
  • On-demand products (Produce it when you want)

3. Empower today’s citizen as the centre of the creative industries’ value chain: Worldwide access to aesthetic, functional and affordable collectable products. Nowdays, the bidirectional and intrinsic relationship between the physical and digital worlds are a response to the unstoppable fusion of these two, ultimately expressed in the way in which we interact, consume and relate to each other.

nanoStore, a eXplorins spin-off

If something we love at eXplorins is the concept of #fusioneconomyDaniel Ferrer our CEO, has spoken several times about it, and it’s basically the ability to combine worlds, taking the best of each one in a creative and smart way.

Coming from years working on #Tech4Good#Sustainability and #Culture, and more recently exploring a lot about #AR and #Blockchain, We have now made a step forward in our fusion economy concept with a new eXplorins spin-off: #nanoStore ✨??

Next step: Open Call Designers

Are you a Product/Industrial/3D Designer, 3D Artists, Fashion & Accessory Designer or Maker? Join nanoStore open call and be part of the future of:

  • Democratisation of product design (Intellectual property)
  • Break the niche of 3D printable products (new markets)
  • A massive supply chain disruption (achieving world sustainability in time. To do so, more than one SDG is tackled)

Join-share Register here until 20th of June and be part of the Demo Day event with Mintbase in Lisbon next 28th of June.