6 June 2023 TB Coffee


TB Coffee with… Carlos Pierre: “I don’t want to go fast and be a unicorn in five years, I’d rather be profitable”

6 June 2023 TB Coffee

Why do startups have to grow so fast? How important is the control that founders have over equity?

Carlos Pierre, CEO and co-founder of Badi, does not hesitate to explain out loud the mistakes made in the years in which Badi grew up thinking of being a unicorn. The story could have ended badly, like so many others, but a pandemic, many adjustments and 55 million lost, a recapitalisation and a new business model later, the company claims to be at the end of the tunnel.

Many entrepreneurs were able to listen to him live and talk to him in the first edition of “TB Coffee with…”, leaving us with three great learnings or tips from his experience as an entrepreneur:

  • Do not artificially oversize the team. “You don’t need to have stars either, just highly motivated people with the capacity to learn”.
  • We can be informed about what others are doing, without becoming obsessed! “If we have a good product and service, it will work”.
  • And enjoy the journey. “I haven’t made a great exit yet, but I have a great time every day I go to work.

Here is the video of the session; you can also play it in the background as a podcast ?