11 May 2023 TB Insights


TB Insights #3 | From full remote to full flexibility

11 May 2023 TB Insights

What does it mean to be a flexible organization, and how does the tech- nology sector implement and manage it? Organizations are transitioning. The pandemic accelerated changes in the way we work and in the internal organization of corporations. Technology and flexibility have become two fundamental pillars to explain the future of work, and many companies have adopted a hybrid approach in the last three years. Although there is still no defined model, there is a lack of data to make decisions and many internal policies are based on trial and error: there is no going back.

Today, the conversation no longer revolves around “how many days you go to the office” but “how do you manage flexibility or hybrid work”. Some talk about organized presentiality, others about a new paradigm shift. As part of the Tech Barcelona’s Working Group on the Future of Work, head- ed by technology company Ocado Technology and freelance marketplace Outvise, leading technology companies from Barcelona’s digital and tech ecosystem shared successful internal policies, the keys to adopting a flexible framework and the challenges ahead.

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