26 January 2022 TB Insights Working groups


TB Insights | The Great Transformation: 5 tech sector keys for the future of work

26 January 2022 TB Insights Working groups

Working patterns and the world of work have changed. The relationship with physical space, informal communication and the search for technological tools to maintain the productive pace has precipitated a structural transformation that has been brewing for two decades, and which has been precipitated by covid-19. How are technology companies facing this paradigm shift? In the framework of Tech Barcelona’s Future of Work working group, leading companies from the digital and technology ecosystem, such as Adevinta Spain, Ocado Technology, Glovo, Hays, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Byhours, Stuart, TalentFY and Horizon Talent, have analysed the different frameworks they are working with to tackle The Great Cultural Transformation that has accelerated the pandemic.

Finding and managing digital and technology talent has become one of the great business challenges of the post-pandemic era. The task is not easy. Given the new work methodologies brought about by covid-19, it is necessary to renew the processes of attracting and retaining talent by taking advantage of innovation. Moreover, the traditional corporate culture has become obsolete and flexibility, collaboration and well-being at work have become more important. Here are five keys from Barcelona’s technology and digital sector to face the future of work.

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