6 June 2024 TB Members Calling


TB Members Calling #102 | Robyn Marino: “Expanding to new markets is critical for success”

6 June 2024 TB Members Calling

Robyn Marino (New Jersey, 1979) attended university and law school in the USA, eventually becoming a licensed attorney practicing law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She then served as the Head of Procurement Legal for The Cigna Group, a Global Fortune 15 company specializing in healthcare insurance, where she worked with digital solution providers in all stages for the benefit of 165 million customers.

And since 2024, Robyn has also been based in Barcelona, working as the founder of Global Link Law, a law firm and legal advisory business.


TB: What is the purpose of your project?

RM: Our project is designed to help businesses in overcoming the challenges of entering new markets, negotiating contracts with Fortune 500 companies, and finding compliant ways to add revenue and strategize on new products. With insights from someone who has been on the inside while providing access to a global network from C-Suite executives to value driven legal experts.

Many companies see hiring legal counsel as a pain point and miss the value the right legal partner can provide. I’ve seen contracts delay for 18 months for lack of understanding on a contract that takes other companies 3 months to get done.


TB: Where do you see yourself and your projects in two years?

RM: We currently are in Barcelona and Philadelphia, and expanding into Asia. Many companies, facing expense pressure, are offshoring functions to places like India, which are a haven for compliance issues that can result in heavy fines and even criminal actions for executives. We have solutions in place to help protect these companies.


TB: A good idea you’ve had.

RM: Expand globally, with the right perspective. It’s a global world made small.


TB: What is the greatest challenge you have faced?

RM: Starting a business in new country surely comes with its challenges – understanding cultural differences and learning a new language are obvious– but you also have to understand how people do business and think. There is a learning curve no matter what your background and experience is.


TB: The best advice you’ve been given.

RM: Invest in youserlf.


TB: A professional role model who inspires you.

RM: While I’ve been lucky to have many role models along the way, I recently interviewed Mary Ann Boccolini on LinkedIn who shares her journey from Nurse to CEO. Mary Ann is a retired CEO of a U.S. health care company. As CEO, she created a company culture where employees wanted to be their best self and bring their best skills forward every day. Mary Ann leveraged her skills and learnings from her days as a nurse to do this during times of tremendous growth for the company over 25 years. I found her story to be very powerful.


TB: A technology that will shape the future.

RM: There’s only one right answer in the foreseeable future – AI.


TB: In-person or remote?

RM: Mix.


TB: A startup or company (other than your own).

RM: Sword Health started as a small company in Portugal. They expanded to the U.S. and as of this week are valued at $ 3 Billion.


TB: How do you unwind?

RM: Taking my dog to our local park. Plus, taking in the views of Barcelona and the sea never gets old.


TB: A book to recommend.

RM: “The Obstacle is the Way”, by Ryan Holiday.


TB: A series, movie, or song that defines your life right now.

RM: Acapulco on Apple TV – everyone has had their first job which prepares you for something bigger– it’s a good mix of Spanish and English. This means I can work on my Spanish while enjoying the show.


TB: A recipe, a restaurant.

RM: Jara Sushi in Barcelona. Some of the best sushi I’ve had, ever!


TB: A place in the world.

RM: The Ocean City Boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey. I grew up working on the boardwalk during the summer, and then later in life was able to bring my kids there as a mom. If you get the chance to go, try Manco’s pizza, Johnson’s caramel popcorn and sof-serve ice cream, and don’t forget to bring back some fudge and saltwater taffies for your family and friends.


TB: Where would you invest 100k?

RM: Split among a group of starts up that I think have the best chance for success.


TB: If you weren’t an entrepreneur…

RM: I would be a general counsel for a company. Right now, I want to help as many companies as possible. In the long term future, I can see myself investing my time and expertise in one company I believe strongly in.


TB: What does Tech Barcelona mean to you?

RM: It’s a blessing. I get to help businesses understand that expanding to new markets is critical for their success and that perceived obstacles – whether it is the U.S. regulatory framework or class action lawsuits – is just a cost of doing business in the largest economy in the world.