13 June 2022 TB Members Calling


TB Members Calling #29 | Àlex Ardévol: “Build The Right Thing and Build the Thing Right”

13 June 2022 TB Members Calling

Àlex Ardévol (1994, Barcelona)

Àlex is co-founder, CTO and CPO of Omnios. After finishing his studies in Aeronautical Engineering at UPC, he started his first venture with CLEX, an IoT-based startup, accelerated by ANZA Technet in San Francisco, with a factory in Shenzhen. In other projects, he expanded his skills in Cloud application development, and discovered his passion for Artificial Intelligence, specifically Natural Language Processing technologies.

He currently leads the technical and product department of Omnios, with a team of 15 people, which helps companies such as Alcon, Cuatrecasas or FC Barcelona to optimise processes and make better decisions with solutions based on artificial intelligence.


TB: What is the purpose of your project?

AA: Omnios develops solutions using NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies, a technology that allows processing unstructured information such as videos, texts or audios. This means that our technology is very transversal and can be applied in sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, public administration and the legal sector.


TB: A good idea you have had.

AA: Create and promote spaces for technical discussion. These spaces allow the different Omnios teams to work in a more standardised, efficient way that promotes continuous training of developers.


TB: A bad professional experience.

AA: I don’t consider myself to have had a bad professional experience, but I have experienced periods of great stress and tension, which have been really hard. However, I have always learned something new in these situations.


TB: The best advice you’ve ever been given.

AA: “Build The Right Thing and Build the Thing Right”. In many cases, profiles with the ability to build products are thrown into developing and perfecting products that may not have a market fit. It is worth going through a validation process before hitting the first key.


TB: An inspiration.

AA: Elon Musk, for the background to his projects.


TB: A start-up (other than your own).

AA: Oliva. For his focus on providing support in the area of mental health to workers and company managers.


TB: A book to recommend.

AA:”Antifragile” by Nassim Taleb.


TB: A series or film or song that defines your moment in life.

AA: “Voilà” by Barbara Pravi.


TB: A recipe, a meal, a restaurant.

AA: The “galta al vi” of Bodega Gelida in Barcelona.


TB: A city, a journey.

AA: Touring Iceland by caravan.


TB: Where would you invest 100k?

AA: On any platform that is driving the development of no-code or low-code applications, such as Bubble.io, for example. This type of technology is lowering the entry barrier for developing applications, even for non-technical profiles.


TB: And a million euros?

AA: In Heura. It will revolutionise the world of food and environmentalism.


TB: If you weren’t an entrepreneur…

AA: He would be a professional bachata dancer.


TB: What is Tech Barcelona for you?

AA: A space for sharing knowledge, connecting with other entrepreneurs and allowing Barcelona startups to make themselves known and position themselves on the international scene. Its work to create synergies between corporates and startups is also very relevant.