6 July 2022 TB Members Calling


TB Members Calling #32 | Nick Waller: “Trust your instincts”

6 July 2022 TB Members Calling

Nicholas Waller (1987)

Nick Waller is the founder of Global{M}, an international technology talent consultancy, specialising in growth programmes for companies, scale-ups and start-ups. He studied Sports Science at Durham University, and his career has been focused on talent acquisition, investments and property development.

“I love sports (I do a lot of horse riding), travelling, DIY and gardening”.


TB: What is the purpose of your project?

NW: We are a holding company that supports talent acquisition, start-up investiment and property development. We like to give back to the tech community and invest in projects like MigraCode and Hello Hubs. I was born and raised in Africa, and i feel a connection and responsibility for the continent, hence why we donate to such causes. We also have an African business based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


TB: A good idea you have had.

NW: Zoom (virtual) weddings 🙂


TB: A bad professional experience.

NW: There are many. Missing a flight to get to my business meetings. Sending a business proposal with the wrong company name (my excuse was I did it after a long bike ride). Or being unable to connect to a critical call due to bad WiFi.


TB: The best advice you’ve been given.

NW: Follow and trust your instincts.


TB: An inspiration.

NW: Humanity inspires me; most people want to do good, and this is inspiring. Seeing the work doctors and nurses have done, and the selflessness they have.


TB: A startup (that’s not your own)

NW: THIS, a plant-based meat start-up. I would love to know how to replicate and manufacture the taste of meat, and they have created an amazing brand.


TB: What worries you?

NW: Ensuring that the world is equal, promoting diversity, reaching potential. Also, war in Ukraine and the global changes that are happening. Global{M} relocated one of Ukranian employees via the UK government who is now living in Cambridge.


TB: A book to recommend.

NW: “Shoe Dog”, by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. Amazing story about the company, how it started from his parents bedroom, how it almost failed, and stumbled on the name “Nike”.


TB: A series, movie or song that defines your moment in life.

NW: I have been compared to Harvey Specter from “Suits”.


TB: A recipe, a meal, a restaurant.

NW: English roast, lamb, and chicken are the best ones!


TB: A city, a trip.

NW: Paris, as it is beautiful and also the city my parents met, so I owe a lot to it.


TB: Where would you invest 100k?

NW: Into property.


TB: And a million euros?

NW: I would split it across property, creating and building a new business, investing in European start-ups and creating a small tax efficient investment fund.


TB: If you weren’t an entrepeneur…

NW:  I’d be focused on sports, using my experience gained in my company; working with people, and using data to better understand improvements that can be made.


TB: What is Tech Barcelona for you?

NW: It is a place to meet like minded people, either those working in start-ups, in the start-up ecosystem or founders. I love the diversity of thought, the events and being able to work amongst creative people in tech. We also love to organise Talent Acquisition events in the Urban Tech Campus venues.