29 March 2022 TB Pills


TB Pill #2 | Digitisation of SMEs, step by step

29 March 2022 TB Pills

The digitisation of the Spanish business network, especially SMEs, is one of the great challenges of the coming years. And the digital and technological ecosystem is key to this transformation.

This is why, the Digital Kit has been launched, a programme that will provide companies with grants of up to €12,000 to implement digitalisation solutions. Telefónica, Main Partner of Tech Barcelona, is one of the digitalising agents that process and accompany you throughout the whole process. For this reason, David Cucurull, Business Manager at Telefónica Catalunya, explains step by step what they consist of and how to apply for them.


What are European funds for digitisation?

European funds are grant programmes to boost economic recovery and growth, a significant part of which is dedicated to the digitisation process of companies. Taken together, they represent the largest ever EU-funded stimulus package to stimulate the economy. This is therefore a unique opportunity.


What is the DIGITAL KIT (ToolKit)?

Among these programmes, the Digital Kit Programme stands out, with a budget for Spain of €500 million, which will provide companies with non-refundable aid -until funds are exhausted- to implement digitalisation solutions. They will have a maximum amount per company of €12,000, which will allow 100% of the services to be financed, with ceilings per family, for 12 months through a digital voucher.


Who can access the Digital Kit?

In a first phase, grants will be available for companies with 10 to 49 employees, and later for companies with 1 to 9 employees and the self-employed. They will be allocated in strict order of application.


How can they be applied for?

In order to implement the digitalisation solutions, a digitalisation agent will be needed who will be able to apply for the aid on behalf of the SME. In fact, more than 8,000 companies have already placed their trust in Telefónica, delegating the application for aid.


What is a digitising agent?

In general, these are digital solution providers, who supply companies or self-employed people with these digital products and services. The digitalisation agent accompanies you through the whole process of applying for grants (from the kit), from the application itself to the implementation of solutions.


What are the digitisation solutions included in the Kit?

These are basic digitisation packages. There are 10 categories or families, and each of them has the packages that fit the aid budget. The 10 categories can be grouped into three main blocks:

  • A first block very focused on e-commerce and the customer: website, e-commerce and social networks.
  • A second block focused on the digitisation of processes: CRM, ERP, e-invoicing, analytics and BI.
  • And a third block, focused on infrastructure and the digital worker, providing the company with virtual office services and collaborative work.

All this aid may be used either for the acquisition of new services or to replace solutions already adopted by the beneficiary, provided that they represent a functional improvement.


Important issues to consider…

The award of the €12,000 Tooolkit is closely linked to the fulfilment of the requirements and will be awarded in strict order of application until the budget is exhausted. In addition, the funds are distributed in the form of an award voucher redeemable for services through the digitisation agent.


What are the steps to link the awarding of the voucher to the digitisation process?

The digitising agent:

  • Starts the process with a digitalisation consultancy. It has to be a means to achieve and sustain success. This consultancy allows each SME to understand its level of technological maturity and identify the solutions you need.
  • It presents a personal and tailored offer for each customer, including the solutions needed to advance in the digital transformation, and which are covered by the digital bonus.
  • Once the voucher award is confirmed, the digital solutions provision agreement is signed with the assignment of the digital voucher code.
  • Finally, the customer’s compliance with the installation of the offered solutions is validated. The scope is clearly defined and the services are procured.