2 June 2022 TB news


Tech Barcelona presents Pier07

2 June 2022 TB news
  • Pier07 is part of Tech Barcelona’s Urban Tech Campus and will be the hub of reference for entrepreneurship and innovation projects in the health and life sciences sector
  • Tech Barcelona incorporates Núñez i Navarro as a ‘strategic partner’ to attract innovative business projects and technological talent to the city centre


Barcelona, 2 June 2022-. Tech Barcelona, the private, non-profit association that represents the city’s digital and technological ecosystem, has presented Pier07, the benchmark hub for business innovation in the health and life sciences sector, together with the Núñez i Navarro group, which will be launched in the last quarter of 2022.

The building, originally built in 1936 and located at Via Laietana, 26, is undergoing a total refurbishment by the Núñez i Navarro team, incorporating sustainability criteria and in accordance with LEED Gold, WELL and WiredScore certifications. The refurbishment of the building will transform both the interior space and its surroundings.

Pier07: the new health and life sciences hub

The space is intended to be a meeting point for all the agents involved in the value chain of the health and life sciences sector -startups, pharmaceutical companies, investors, institutions, universities, research centres, public health system-, and with a special emphasis on the connection with reference clinical environments such as Vall d’Hebron or the Gerencia Territorial Metropolitana Sur of the ICS and the Hospital de Bellvitge. The project has the support and participation of ACCIO, the agency for business competitiveness of the Office of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

“The health and life sciences sector is one of the strategic pillars of the country and the application of technology will accelerate its impact at all levels: citizens, the healthcare system and professionals in the sector,” says Miguel Vicente, president of Tech Barcelona. “The application of transversal technologies, such as devices, apps, software, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, Big Data, robotics and virtual reality, have brought together the technology and health ecosystems,” adds Vicente.

Tech Barcelona provides these health sector agents with the transversality of technological knowledge and networking of the whole ecosystem. The Piers concept developed by Tech Barcelona goes beyond the office space, and also involves the generation of activities, networking, content, visits and other actions for the exhibition and visibility of the projects.

Pier07 is a 6,000 m2 building; divided into 8 floors. It will have an auditorium/multifunctional space, terrace for common uses, coworking and private office spaces. The expected delivery date for commissioning will be the last quarter of 2022.

Tech Barcelona’s participation in the Pier07 project has allowed Núñez i Navarro to continue working on the design of buildings conceived for the people who will use them. In this case, the refurbishment has focused on giving importance to light and on recovering the nature of the materials to create a sustainable and comfortable workspace in the heart of the city.

Improving the environment and attracting talent

As part of the launch of Pier07, Tech Barcelona has announced the incorporation of Núñez i Navarro as a strategic partner, with the aim of attracting technological talent, improving the environment and the value of the neighbourhood, as well as promoting quality economic activity in the city centre.

Miquel Martí, CEO of Tech Barcelona, assures that “In Núñez i Navarro we have found a partner that shares our vision of a long-term technological Barcelona. Particularly relevant is the joint will to recover the city centre for innovative and economic activity, making its assets available for the construction of ecosystem projects to ensure the attraction and retention of talent”.


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