17 January 2024 TB news TB Partner


EAE Business School Barcelona joins Tech Barcelona and places its new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub at Pier01

17 January 2024 TB news TB Partner
  • The partnership, which connects the business school as Main Partner of the association, aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship and connect students, faculty and community with the technological and digital ecosystem of the city.
  • The startups accelerated by EAE Barcelona will be integrated into Tech Barcelona’s Urban Tech Campus concept.

Barcelona, 17 January 2024 – EAE Business School Barcelona, part of Planeta Formación y Universidades, creates an alliance with Tech Barcelona with the aim of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and connecting its students, faculty and community with the most important digital ecosystem in southern Europe.

With this alliance, EAE Business School Barcelona becomes a Main Partner of Tech Barcelona and increases its value proposition with its positioning in the orbit of influence of the association. In this sense, EAE joins 90 other leading companies and 1,300 partners in the technology and digital sector.

Thanks to this partnership with Tech Barcelona, the EAE Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub will be created at Pier01, based in the emblematic Palau de Mar building, where startups incubated and accelerated by EAE will be integrated into the Urban Tech Campus concept to soak up the innovative spirit and create synergies with other startups present.

This agreement will be materialized with many joint initiatives such as the organization of innovation tours for students, faculty and collaborating companies; the creation and dissemination of an annual report on entrepreneurship and innovation in Barcelona and the participation of Tech Barcelona as a strategic partner in the development of the training path and academic programmes developed by EAE Business School Barcelona, among many others.

EAE Business School Barcelona will also support Tech Barcelona’s startup ecosystem with its training models and methodological expertise to contribute to their success and promote the acceleration of projects.

“From EAE Business School Barcelona we want to be the starting point for future leaders who challenge the status quo, generate innovative solutions and contribute significantly to economic and social development. With this agreement with Tech Barcelona, we add more tools to empower non-conformist spirits and streamline the processes of creating new, more efficient, sustainable and disruptive proposals,” says Natalia Bagnati, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at EAE Business School Barcelona.

For his part, Miquel Martí, CEO of Tech Barcelona, assures that “the technology and digital sector needs and wants to be nourished by the best entrepreneurial and technological talent, and the role of business schools is key. The creation of the new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub of EAE Business School Barcelona at Pier01 of Tech Barcelona represents an important milestone for the association, constituting an ideal space to promote the connection between talent, disruptive technologies and innovative business models”. “Inspiration, co-creation and development of solutions with a positive impact on citizens: this is the main shared goal of the partnership, and we are confident that EAE Business School Barcelona will be an extraordinary partner to achieve it,” adds Miquel Martí.