Online events: One step further

Por 023 Think.Create.Produce

08 Oct 2020

At 023, we have always believed in the power of creative content to go one step further, and in recent years, we have focused on innovating through our digital events. So, when presential events became impossible and many companies needed a Plan B, we surprised them with a new plan: Do it online.

Just a few months later, this strategy has proven correct: through creative digital content, our clients have achieved levels of audience engagement that have far exceeded expectations.

In 2020, we have brought together virtual audiences for product launches, book presentations, corporate meetings, ceremonies, and all kinds of events around the world. We have created ambitious, highly specialized experiences that have led to us shooting in Buenos Aires, Toronto, Chicago, and Barcelona – all in the same week.

Our clients have proven that there is more than one formula for success: live broadcasts, pre-recorded content, shoots on set, on location, at the home of experts, here or anywhere in the world… It is the moment to let our imaginations fly and tell stories in the best way, without physical limitations and always going that one step further.

Combining the latest digital communication technologies with our experience and capability to think, create and produce high-quality creative content, we can deliver digital experiences that capture the audience and enable them to participate in something unique, entertaining, and memorable, whatever the business or occasion that has brought us there.

Welcome to the virtual events revolution. Welcome to the power of creative content.