Overcome the current biggest threat to employee happiness

Por WindowSight

10 Oct 2022

Monotonous work environment is the biggest threat to employee happiness as seen in many studies conducted in the past few years (see link)

  • Increases chances of stress, boredom and burnout 
  • Lowers engagement and motivation among employees
  • Stifles creative thinking
  • Increases job dissatisfaction and willingness to quit the job

To overcome this huge problem, WindowSight, a catalan startup and member of Tech Barcelona, uses Visual Arts to transform any space to create new immersive experiences in just a few seconds and improve productivity, wellbeing and creativity

Click on the link to visually see how we do it, access to the studies and contact information.

We look forward to helping improve your workspace and turning it into an ever changing art exhibition! We’ve done it and it works!