Startups collaboration oportunity with Fluidra

Por Fluidra

25 Apr 2022

Are you a #startup interested in exploring collaboration with Fluidra?
Participate in the first Eureka Network online session with Fluidra on Tuesday 26 April 2022, 11:00-12:25 CEST

As part of our innovation strategy, Fluidra looks for collaboration with external agents in order to develop, integrate or commercialise new products and services in the pool field in these main areas of interest:

  • Sustainability: The pool must be a safe and comfortable space for the practice of aquatic activities but with an
    efficient and sustainable use of the main resources.
  • Safety and health: Constant monitoring should allow quick
    identification of any danger, information given to those responsible for the installation and response from the system itself or from those in charge.
  • User and customer experience:Improving the experience of both users and customer through different moments of the value chain.
  • Innovations in our value chain: As an industrial company, we are also interested in any innovative solution that could be applied in our value chain (raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, sales, etc.).

During this session we will present our challenges and companies from 13 Eureka countries will be invited to present their solutions!