11 June 2020


Towards a Self-Learning AI by Eli Bou (Vilynx)

11 June 2020

Vilynx is a company that is working on artificial intelligence capable of autonomous learning. Based in the USA it has a great team of engineers in Barcelona.

80% of the data we communicate in the world is unstructured, which means that it is not understandable to machines. Vilynx is creating artificial intelligence capable of using this unstructured data and in order to develop systems that can interact with the world and learn from the environment to help humans.

Elisenda Bou, co-founder and CTO of Vilynx, defined artificial intelligence as “human behavior exhibited by machines”, and explained how they try to learn statistics and probability to understand texts and concepts in a more humane way from the knowledge and autonomous learning systems. This session took place within the framework of the #TechSpiritBCN conference.


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