Accenture Digital Health Hackaton

Valkiria Hub Space
09:00 / 16:30
Actividad Pública


Hematological patients face a daily threat. Due to certain cancer treatments, their immune system deteriorates and it is very likely that many of them end up suffering from febrile neutropenia. When this happens, there is a considerable risk that they end up developing a possibly-fatal disease called bacteremia. Since performing a complete diagnosis to determine whether a patient has bacteremia or not could take multiple days (and prolonged waiting times for infected patients would drastically increase their risk of dying), most patients are treated with strong and expensive antibiotics right away even if they might not need it. There is, however, a huge amount of historical data available regarding the tests performed on each patient as well as their surroundings that could help predict the probability of a patient developing bacteremia.


Help our doctors! Develop a Machine Learning algorithm to predict which patients with neutropenia are most likely to develop bacteremia. The ability to produce accurate data-based predictions, to think out of the box and be a team player will play an essential role to win this challenge. Not to mention your ability to present to the audience and committee of experts your insights and outputs generated.

50 participants, 8 winners and up to 3000€ in prizes. Go for it!


The Accenture Digital Health Hackathon will take place in the Valkiria Hub Space in Barcelona, on June 2nd and 3rd.

We will start on Saturday 2nd at 09:00 AM with a welcome breakfast and finish on Sunday 3rd at 15:00 PM with the award ceremony.

Find below the full schedule for the event:

Saturday, 2nd of June

09h00 – Welcome
09h15 – Breakfast
09h45 – Presentations
10h30 – Hackathon Begins*
13h30 – Lunch
17h30 – Coffee Break
20h30 – Dinner
01h00 – End of Day 1

Sunday, 3rd of June

09h00 – Breakfast
10h00 – Last Analytics Submission
11h00 – End of Submissions*
12h00 – Use Case Presentations
13h00 – Jury Discussion
13h30 – Prizes and Winner Announcements
14h00 – Lunch*
16h30 – Event Closure

*Special Events

Demos & Gadgets Showroom

Virtual Reality

Xperia Augmented Reality


Visual Recognition App

Infinity Desktop

Selected participants will receive an e-mail with the logistic details for the competition.

Food and beverages will be served all day long.


  • Each participant shall bring a laptop/computer to participate in the contest. The participant is free to use any hardware or any software that considers necessary for the problem resolution.
  • Participants may enroll individually or in groups of up to 4 people. The participants who enroll individually will be grouped based on their profile.
  • A mix of the following skills in the groups is highly encouraged:

✓ Programming Languages: R, Python, Java, Javascript, HTML5, SQL, etc.

✓ Visualization software: QlikView, Tableau, Spotfire, R Shiny, Power BI among others

✓ Machine Learning

✓ Stats background

  • Predisposition to have fun, meet people and have a good time!

The deadline to apply is May 23 rd. Hurry up, openings are limited and they will be assigned by order of enrollment.

Accenture Digital Health Hackaton

09:00 / 16:30
Valkiria Hub Space
Actividad Pública