secpho WEBINAR: Deep tech for water treatment

Online via Cisco Webex platform
12:00 / 13:30
Actividad Pública

Water is an essential resource for the society, facing unprecedented pressure in most of the countries. Meeting global water demand requires highest levels of management and treatment, which can be ensured by technological innovation offered by deep tech.

Deep tech solutions for water treatment go from detection of water contamination, through automatization of management processes, to various techniques for water reuse. These technologies are applied in a variety of sectors: agriculture, food, energy, chemistry, manufacturing etc.

This webinar focuses on disruptive solutions for water reutilization, which can be used to counter environmental degradation and strengthen circular economy applications.

This free webinar is going to be held in English and is addressed to:
Technicians and Innovation Directors from companies in fields such as environment, oil & gas, renewable energies, etc.
Researchers from R&D centres and companies that are experts in deep tech technologies.


12:00 Welcome and introduction to the webinar
Sergio Sáez| secpho

12:10 Innovative Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems
Clara Corbella, Civil Engineer | LEITAT

12:30 Innovation in the water cycle
Beatriz Corzo García, R&D Projects Manager | Sorigué

12:50 EU-India Business Collaborations in the Water Sector
Joel Fernandes, Project Lead Europe | European Business & Technology Centre

13:10 Title to be confirmed
Adrian J. Parker, Business Manager | Sixsenso

13:20 The next generation of disinfection technologies
Xavier Martínez Lladó, Director UT Water, Air and Soil | Eurecat

 14:00 End of the webinar

If you are interested in participation, register through the form on our website and we will keep you informed.

Technical requirements to attend the webinar:

We will use the Cisco Webex platform that is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. You can also attend the webinar through mobile devices using the free Webex apps for iOS and Android.

secpho WEBINAR: Deep tech for water treatment

12:00 / 13:30
Online via Cisco Webex platform
Actividad Pública