Self-sovereign identity blockchain libraries: Step by Step Tutorial

07:00 / 21:00
Actividad P煤blica

A few months ago, we (Caelum Labs), the company behind this meetup, received a Grant from the Web3 Foundation to work on an open-source Digital Identity library for Blockchain made in Rust. And so we did 馃檪

After months of hard work, we have opened the libraries to the world. So, we plan to explain the ins and outs of this Self-Sovereign Identity framework we鈥檝e been working on in Substrate for the web3 ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about our Tech stack and solution join us for an evening where you can learn how to use our set of libraries.

We are eager to share what we have built with you. Your feedback will be more than welcome.

So please join us if you wish to learn about:

– Digital Identity on Polkadot & Substrate
– Working with DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) and VC (Verifiable
Credentials), the web3 standards.
– Understanding Zero Knowledge Proofs with Zenroom (A
Cryptographic Virtual Machine)

Also, we will show you our first version for the Personal Identity Container on a Raspberry Pi based on Decode OS (Devuan TOR).

If any of the words we used don鈥檛 sound familiar, don鈥檛 worry at all, we will go step by step explaining each and every concept 馃檪

This meetup is organized by Caelum Labs.
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##Preliminary agenda
19.00h – Welcome
19.15h – Alex Puig will share a brief tech introduction to SSI
19.30h – Libraries explanation / live coding
20.30h – Q&A and Beers, thanks to Estrella Damm 馃檪
21.00h – End

Come and join us in the last meetup of the year! 馃榾

Who is Alex Puig?
Over the last few years, Alex specializes in the blockchain field, in particular, his expertise is in software development, data platforms, standards, identity, privacy and decentralized technology for different industries.

Alex Puig is Founder and CTO at Caelum Labs a blockchain development studio focused on identity and privacy. He is also the founder of Alastria, the world鈥檚 first national blockchain network, co-chairs Inatba鈥檚 Identity Working Group, and he co-founded Digital Currency Summit. He is an active member of the Blockchain open-source community.

A software developer by trade, Alex links the coding and corporate worlds with innovative creativity and inspirational energy. He advises governments, public administration agencies, and supranational organizations in Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain.

Alex sees technology as a way to improve society, and advocates for a reshaping of the internet to make it more secure and empowering

Self-sovereign identity blockchain libraries: Step by Step Tutorial

07:00 / 21:00
Actividad P煤blica