12 Must-Read Business Tech Articles

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17 Ene 2023

Get ready to be inspired – we picked the best business tech content of 2022 created in collaboration with our curated experts. 

For your reading pleasure

“Business success stories: B2B growth strategies in the new era of telecoms”, Ignacio Jaureguizar

“The LEO satellite market in 2022: A game-changer to end the digital divide?”, Alberto Perini

“In fibre commercial talent is in short supply – here’s the solution”, Dennis Geltat


“From insights to monetization: Choosing the right data storage model”, Mauricio Mercado

“The benefits of digital twin applications on the production line”, Michael Oyalana

“All you need to know about hiring an IT Project Manager”, Keith Williams


“Why profitability is the catch-22 of fintech consulting”, Tristan Pelloux

“How IoT and sustainability work in synergy in the African savannah”, Bastiaan den Braber

“The hallmarks of a successful smart city project”, John Morton

Future of work

“From capitalism to talentism in the Information Age”, Alex Collart

“Insights into how an effective interim manager operates”, Jan Kluge

“The rise of the high-value freelancer in the new work order”, Eusebi Llensa

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