Borsalino among winners at the Cross-Border Magazine Awards 2022

Por ZeroGrey

02 Nov 2022

Barcelona, October 6 – Borsalino, client of ZeroGrey and the oldest Italian manufacturer specialising in the production of luxury hats, has once again received recognition for being an exceptional, premium brand. The icon of Italian style and fashion won a prestigious award for its exceptional performance in the international arena. Through such recognition, Borsalino joins the list of customers who have achieved great success in e-commerce, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of e-commerce accelerators such as ZeroGrey.

Cross-Border Magazine is a publication dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of successful companies, all of which start out with significantly different approaches. It is made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Each year, the Cross-Border Magazine team dedicates awards to new and unique e-commerce concepts, successful projects and revolutionary ideas. ZeroGrey is at the heart of Borsalino picking up the award this year.

The award was presented by Daniel Viniegra, Chief Commercial and Partnership Officer of Go Global Ecommerce, to Marika Zaramella, an E-Commerce Executive at Borsalino.

This recent success is the result of a flourishing project with Go Global Ecommerce and ZeroGrey. Go Global Ecommerce provided cross-border e-commerce solutions and ZeroGrey brought more than 22 years of e-commerce experience to the successful internationalisation project of one of the most recognisable hat brands in history. Today Borsalino sells to every corner of the world except Japan.

ZeroGrey is delighted to have facilitated the expansion of the illustrious Italian label into new digital markets. The same is true of Borsalino’s customers, who, no matter where they are, enjoy a local user experience that streamlines the checkout process and caters to their specific needs. This is largely thanks to ongoing effort and services provided to Borsalino by ZeroGrey, which include e-commerce managementfrontend development and e-commerce consultancy to support their ongoing internationalisation.

All of this is testament to the ongoing hard work carried out by the ZeroGrey team. Ileano Testa, Managing Director at ZeroGrey, said, “We were delighted to spend an enjoyable evening with other important brands at an entertaining event that gave us the opportunity to build professional relationships in the e-commerce sector. The future looks stronger than ever for ZeroGrey and we look forward to more awards and evenings just like this one.”

Regarding the award, Ileano also added that, “We are immensely satisfied with the collaboration of both companies on the Borsalino project. The award Borsalino received only reaffirms our status as an e-commerce accelerator which guides brands towards growth and helps them to shape the future of their digital strategy. With our 22 years of experience, we at ZeroGrey are proud, once again, to say that we are a company that delivers. We are pleased to have opened the doors for the renowned Italian brand to internationalise into new online markets.”

About Borsalino

Borsalino is the oldest Italian manufacturer specialising in the production of luxury hats and is known worldwide for its extraordinary quality, unmistakable style and timeless elegance. Borsalino hats have been manufactured in Alessandria since 1857, in a production process that combines both an industrial perspective and an artisan spirit. In addition to hats, the company also produces scarves, costume jewellery, brooches, cleaning kits and other accessories.

Borsalino’s expansion in recent years can be demonstrated by data such as a growth of 400% recorded from 2015 to 2021. Currently, despite the difficulties of the international economy, there has also been a significant growth of 15% in the number of orders, and an 18% increase in the net amount of orders. The orders come from markets such as Italy (which accounts for a third of all revenues), the United States (27%) and other neighbouring countries such as Germany and France.

The famous Borsalino hats are available across a total of nine flagship boutiques, including those in Milan, Paris and Rome. Fans of the brand will also find them in approximately 550 selected stores worldwide, as well as on the popular website.