Ecommerce in Europe: which laws will have the biggest impact?

Por Go Global Ecommerce

11 Abr 2022

2022 started out as a somewhat eventful year. Inflation has meant that the financial markets are extremely volatile, and new regulations have added to the impact on the EU.

A series of directives and regulatory measures have prompted companies selling online to readdress how they conduct their day-to-day business and how they sell their products or services. Another reason for change is due to Brexit, which is taking effect on sales from EU countries to UK customers.

The Digital Markets Act, The Digital Services Act, omnibus directives, new regulations for the management and storage of user data and product packaging (which differ depending on the country): many changes will affect eshops in 2022.

So how should those who want to continue cross-border ecommerce in Europe act, without putting themselves at risk of violating the rules and incurring penalties?

We cast some light on the issue with Veronica Comito, legal advisor to Go Global Ecommerce.

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