Food Industry and Cross-Border E-commerce: An Overview

Por Go Global Ecommerce

13 Jun 2022

The year 2022 has presented itself as a rather favourable year regarding e-commerce growth, and for cross-border e-commerce activity especially, keeping in line with the positive trends of the previous couple of years. In fact, the purchasing of goods has largely moved online, having a consequent effect on several factors that govern various aspects of the market, from consumer choices to logistics. 

The online sale of food products is no exception when it comes to these trends, which is leading businesses and consumers alike to ask: How do I know whether I can depend on a certain brand? How can I guarantee the freshness of a product? Which products should I purchase online or offline? How do I coordinate transport and delivery services while ensuring the quality of food and drink? How should we deal with customer dissatisfaction? These are just a handful of the questions that show the changes taking place in the current market and signal how we should proceed in the future, in order to better understand how to open and manage a food e-commerce business, particularly when dealing with cross-border. 

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