G-Accelerator Program – Impact Call 2020 – Investor Pitch – DEMO DAY

Por GBSB Global Business School

06 Abr 2021

It is with great pleasure that G-Accelerator invites you to the launch of this year’s Demo Day, to be held on Wednesday, 14 April 2021.

Over the past 5 months our talented G-Accelerator residents were working hard on growing their unique start-up projects under the supervision of various skilled professionals. Having now finished their Impact Call 2020 program, an accelerator program that boost and support next generation entrepreneurs with innovative and disruptive business ideas with social impact, they are now ready to showcase and compete for a chance to win investment funding from market leaders.

Date and Time

April 14th, 2021 | 15:30-19.00 (CET)


15:30 Welcome: by Departament d’ Empresa i Coneixement – Programa Primer and GBSB Global Business School

15:40 Program and Expert Commitee Presentation:

Richard Hazenberg, Research Leader in the Institute for Social Innovation and Impact at the University of Northampton

Jan Lachenmayer, Managing Director Enpact N.V

Lourdes Miras, Coordinator of Programa Primer

Guifré Belloso, Entrepreneursh ip Advisor at Barcelona Activa

Elisenda Tarrats, Director of Business and Communication Department UVic-UCC

Sergi Grau, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology UVic-UCC

Antonio Rodríguez Engelmann, Managing Director GBSB Global Business School Barcelona

Xavier Arola, G-Accelerator Program Director

Introducing Awards:

Pre-Seed/Seed Category: 1.500 euros to be awarded (1st award)

Early Stage/Growth Stage: 1.500 euros to be awarded (2nd award)

Introducing Guests and Methodology of the Investor Pitch:

Simon Lee , CEO Península
Elena Rico , Managing Director Impact Partners VC
Naked Innovations (EIT food community)

16:00 Start of the Investor’s Pitches:

Pre-Seed /Seed Category:

Be Life: a handy, multi-functional digital platform that provides healthy, active/sportive and ecological options, products or services around the city, all in one place.

SILA: a project that is developing a smart digital platform for online exams management, replacing webcam policing with artificial intelligence.

Remoot : a project that is developing a digital application that connects individuals and hotels, for practical room renting as working spaces.

SAVE: a social project that is developing a helpful digital application for smarter in-house food management and distribution, aimed at overall food waste reduction.

Fitting Cubic: a B2B social company, operating in the fashion industry, that provides online retailers with virtual fitting room services via a 3D web application, thus improving conscious consumerism, while also reducing the environmental impact caused by unwanted product return requiring additional logistics.

RentSafe: a project that is developing a digital platform for optimal renting solutions between Landlords and Tenants, including: apartment maintenance, deposit managing, house searching.

Dopler & Herz: a project that is developing a piece of innovative technology, allowing for secure, reliable and privacy-friendly detection with echo waves.

Wonder Elemental: a project that is building a digital marketplace, offering marketing and business development consultancy for creative professionals.

3Dfy: A project that applies 3D printing technologies for high-performance material production.

MYOX ORGANICS: A biodegradable applicator tampon – a responsible, alternative menstrual product, allowing for sustainable and environmentally friendly menstruation for all women, while reducing global menstrual product waste.

Early Stage/Growth Stage:

NEA: a social company that offers canned water as a plastic free solution for an ecological, environmentally friendly impact.

Smart Monkey:
a business that helps Last-Mile logistics companies digitalize their planning processes, in turn increasing their operational efficiency.

a company that offers automatized services for building maintenance and energy efficiency.

18:30 Closing: by START UP CATALONYA and GBSB Global Business School

This event will be held online via MS Teams. In order to participate please register through the link below:

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