How to deal with uncertain times. Adaptability and awarenes the keys

Por Nelly Torras Economista-Coach

02 Nov 2022


corporations, venture capital, fundraising, human resources, entrepreneurs, start up, to all of you.

Having a purpose is critical to achieve your goals. Being responsable for your life and results, setting your goals following them up and make things happen is what we really want, specially now in this uncertain times where adaptability is a skill to be depeloped in a daily basis.

Taking action consistently will take you to achieve your  objectives and succeed. It is my mission accompanying you in the procces externally.

I invite you to join me in a complimentary coaching session both individual and with the team. Live or on line.

I would like to demonstrate the benefits of the executive  coaching and see the results you can obtein with it.

To your success.

Nelly Torras

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