New partnership between Go Global Ecommerce and Salesupply for a 360° cross-border strategy

Por Go Global Ecommerce

25 Ene 2022

“A 360° cross-border experience for companies around the world”. This is the idea behind the partnership between Go Global Ecommerce – a cross-border eCommerce solution that helps businesses grow in the D2C environment – and Salesupply – a company that enables online retailers and brands to improve their customer experience. Go Global Ecommerce, in particular, relieves companies of the tasks related to tax positions, payments and everything that precedes and arrives at the moment of check-out, while Salesupply specialises in what follows the check-out, with particular attention on customer support (in 36 different languages) and international fulfillment services.

This partnership, therefore, is designed to manage and facilitate all aspects of the cross-border strategy with the aim of better supporting online shops that want to open up to new markets by helping them to create a perfect customer experience for their customers, from start to finish.

“Providing a perfect customer experience during online shopping is the most important factor for brands that choose to operate cross-border,” explains Jeroen Leenders, founder of Salesupply. “That’s why I believe our new partnership with Go Global Ecommerce is so important. Together we can create a win-win situation that packages the best possible solutions for brands to be successful selling online in other countries.”

“We are facing an unprecedented market opportunity: of the €7 trillion that eCommerce will reach in 2024, 20% will come from cross-border transactions. Companies will increasingly need to sell abroad and they will need the proper tools to do so. Go Global Ecommerce and Salesupply can provide them with these tools, helping to minimise complexities and maximise their revenues” – Daniel Viniegra, Chief Global Expansion Officer of Go Global Ecommerce, said about the new partnership.