Tips on how to start freelancing

Por Outvise

23 May 2023

How we think about work is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. The labour landscape is radically different from how it used to be fifty, twenty or even just five years ago. Freelance success stories are encouraging an increasing number of people to say goodbye to permanent contracts and opt to go independent. In light of these developments, many professionals are asking themselves, “How do I start freelancing?” 

In the current climate, there is no need to wait. Previously, you might have been advised to work a certain number of years in a fixed contract before setting out as an independent professional, in order to acquire a network of contacts. But now the gateway to entry is open to people at all levels. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are motivated by a desire to explore your industry to the fullest degree possible, then freelancing is likely a good fit for you.

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What should you consider before starting freelancing?

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