21 septiembre 2023 Tech Up Nights


Tech Up Nights Vol.9 | HP

21 septiembre 2023 Tech Up Nights

The 9th edition of Tech Up Nights, hosted by Tech Barcelona at Pier01, kicked off with an intriguing question –”Why Your Washing Machine Can Become Your Worst Enemy?”– which set the stage for a highly technical yet practical discussion:


Albert Such, Digital Ecosystem & Solutions Architect at HP &  Nadim Zubidat, Security Architect at HP

During the session, Such and Zubidat delved into the complexities of protecting modern devices against cybersecurity threats. The discussion not only highlighted the potential vulnerabilities present in everyday appliances, such as washing machines, but also emphasized the critical necessity of implementing robust security measures across all connected devices. Including printers.

Attendees gained insights into the innovative approaches employed by HP to protect their own and customer’s devices. Through an exploration of cutting-edge security protocols and technologies, Such and Zubidat provided practical knowledge essential for safeguarding against threats in today’s interconnected world.