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Carrer de Baldiri Reixac, 4, 08028 Barcelona, Spain


Biocat is the institution that brings together the life sciences and healthcare innovation community in Catalonia.

Created in 2006 at the behest of the Government of Catalonia, Biocat’s mission is to maximize the economic and social impact of the life sciences and healthcare innovation of the BioRegion.

Biocat focuses its strategy on different key points:

- Raising awareness and promoting the ecosystem, creating tools and strategies for improving the knowledge of the Catalan healthcare sector and increasing its projection both at home and abroad, with the aim of positioning the BioRegion as an international reference.

- Providing innovative training and developing talent, by designing and executing programs and initiatives to improve talent and entrepreneurship considered essential factors for the growth of the sector.

- Accelerating technology transfer and business growth by supporting and carrying out activities for increasing the value of the sector, placing special emphasis on the added value of research, knowledge and technology transfer, internationalization and access to capita


Jordi Naval, CEO

Silvia Labé, Director of Communications, Marketing and Strategic Relations

Núria Martí, Director of Innovation

Montserrat Daban, Scientific and International Relations Director

José Mª Larraz, Director of Finance, Administration and Human Resources

Cristina Nadal, Director of Healthcare Programs