Sustainable Growth with 3 Fundamentals Webinar

18:30 / 20:00
Actividad Pública

In this online event, Tim will take you through the three fundamentals to achieve sustainable growth:

Without knowing how your business performs, it is impossible to improve and grow it. Tim will explain how you should track your data in one centralised place.

Understanding the process from potential customers touching your brand for the first time to actually coming to a purchase is very important. Tim is going to explain how to track the different touchpoints that people have with your brand and how you can hack this to improve the conversions within the funnel.

Conducting experiments is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t work. It leads to improve your conversions and all your metrics. Tim will explain to you how to hack the experimentation process.

Having one growth hack is nice, but implementing methods to systematically achieve growth is a different world. That’s why you should learn and implement these three fundamentals at your company. Tim is going to explain to you exactly how to do this.

Who should be attending this meetup?
Anyone who is looking for ways to grow their business and its metrics, optimizing their product, their marketing, their processes, whoever wants to learn how to implement a methodology in a sustainable way should attend this meetup. From Growth Marketers, Digital Marketers and CMOs to Startup Founders and Product Managers. You wouldn’t want to miss learning the fundamentals of growth, that many million dollar companies don’t know about!

What do you get out of it?
You will learn the following:
– How to track data in one centralised place?
– How to hack your marketing funnel?
– How to conduct experiments?

Lastly, as always, there will be a quality networking session where you can meet with fellow growth marketers but this time online.

Tim Cakir has been developing and pushing himself to be the best version of himself: as a growth mentor and marketer, as a consultant, as a public speaker, as a university lecturer. His experience in marketing strategies and automation, tools, analysis delivers the best results. He loves what he does and that’s why he does it right.

18.30 – 19.30 – Webinar and Q&A
19.30 – 20.00 – Online Networking

Where is the event going to take place?
The online event will be held as a Zoom Webinar. You can access the zoom webinar link registering here: https://zmurl.com/growth-marketing

About Co-Organisers:
Frizbit.com is a Barcelona-based marketing tech startup currently incubated by Barcelona Activa. Its marketing automation platform helps digital marketing teams of online businesses to bring customers back to their websites, recover conversions, and increase revenue by sending automated and hyper-personalised messages based on user behaviour. It triggers messages through email, sms, web push notification and webhook channels.

Sustainable Growth with 3 Fundamentals Webinar

18:30 / 20:00
Actividad Pública