An offer for all Premium lovers to enjoy visual journeys at home forever

Por WindowSight

03 nov. 2023

We have easy access to movies, series, music, podcasts, but what happens when it comes to appreciating art and photography? 

WindowSight – the platform to stream visual content on TVs – not only bridges art, technology and innovation, but now introduces an opportunity that no early adopter would want to miss.

Announcing the Lifetime Deal: Pay once, get Premium forever and unlock all those features, content, filters and upcoming upgrades that make the platform even more exciting and easy to use. With just a one-time fee of only €144 – which corresponds to a 12-month subscription – you won’t have to worry about monthly renewals and their complexities ever again.

This is a gift provided to the whole world to spread the message about how essential visual art and photography are in our daily lives, in a similar way as music is an integral part of our routine. That’s why we want to make visual content as accessible and affordable as it can be.

With the platform – the so-called “Spotify of Art” – you not only can personalize your rooms for every occasion or mood, but also broaden your horizon with knowledge gathered from our artists’ experiences, and reflect your own emotions to the visuals you love! Open all your TVs to discover a world beyond limits, customize your journeys with infinite visuals, and enjoy an uninterrupted and limitless experience.

Breathe new air into your home by seamlessly transforming your TVs into digital canvases that narrate your own personal story and inner world. WindowSight will accompany you in your daily life, creating memorable visual journeys with your loved ones!

Are you excited about discovering and supporting emerging, promising projects? Then you are an early adopter and welcome to be one of the 10,000 ones who will participate in this creative expansion.

Hurry up! Such opportunities only happen once and won’t last forever. Claim your spot today.

Get Premium Forever