Gianluca Mech revolutionises the physical diet shop in herbal medicine by going digital

Por ZeroGrey

10 juny 2021

A profound change in the field of retail sales. Even sectors like herbalism depend on eCommerce. This was revealed to us by the creator of Tisanoreica, Gianluca Mech, the current depository of the secrets of the ketogenic diet based on hypoglycemic and low-calorie intake, whose aim is to detoxify and purify the body.

Mech is at the head of a company with over 100 years of history that revolves around a process based on Decottopia, the “ten plant” therapy perpetuated from father to son. The company, one of the main exponents of the sector – which was also hampered by the pandemic and the succession of restrictions – has adapted and changed its business to fit the “new normal”.

It was enough to display Gianluca Mech’s phytochemical dietary products not in the physical showcases, but online, and in around six months the company entered fully into six other markets, from the USA to Spain, considerably increasing its turnover. Thanks to its already stable credibility and efficiency, the company has also achieved excellent results abroad despite the tortuous period, says Mech.

The support of ZeroGrey – the eCommerce agency with more than 20 years of experience in the sector – and Kooomo – the eCommerce platform that supported Mech in its debut in the world of online commerce – was fundamental. According to Claudia Racioppi, Sales Director of the Italian market of Kooomo, “the pandemic has played a dual role for eCommerce, promoting it not only as a leading model, but also as a vehicle for the affirmation of new verticals in the world of eCommerce, ensuring rapid and tangible results; Tisanoreica is an outstanding example. The birth of these new sectors has led actors in eCommerce such as ZeroGrey and Kooomo to extreme flexibility aimed at ensuring their customers unique formats that are adaptable and complete.”

Gianluca Mech is convinced that the key to success lies in having a team of experts capable of guiding customers towards their interests and making them fruitful. The use of streaming and the integration of video chats has made it possible to transfer the human experience to the digital one, creating all kinds of consultations with herbalists using only eCommerce, as if everything happened in the shop. Furthermore, according to Gianluca Mech, the collaboration with ZeroGrey and Kooomo has allowed for increased internationalisation by creating adaptations for different markets. Promotions, festivities or even the printing of the individual product changes from one country to another, and ZeroGrey and Kooomo allow for the creation of eCommerces specifically geared to the needs of individual markets.

What does the future hold? Without a doubt, says Mech, “entering new markets, obviously, and then placing medical advice, the last great frontier of our business. This way our eCommerce will be the same as our physical shop, or better yet, it will be much more attractive.”