Has your company reached data maturity? Take this quiz

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22 març 2022

The proper use of a company’s data is key to its success. But how do you know if everyone is actually making the best use of it? We’ve prepared a 4 mins quiz to find out.

Has your company reached data maturity? Find out now - Talent [R]evolution

We have partnered with Enterprise AI to develop this data maturity quiz. With 12 questions, you can identify within which of the four data maturity dimensions your business is lacking. 

Once completed, you will get a customised report presenting in an easy-to-interpret compass visualisation, so you can take decisive actions. This quiz also helps you describe your data maturity journey, so you can plan and control your progress and the business impact at each stage.

Take this 5-minute Data Maturity Quiz to check your company’s data capabilities: 

Read the full article about data maturity assessment: