How an RPA developer can drive business efficiency

Por Outvise

07 abr. 2022

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of those 1990s concepts that have recently taken on a new lease of life. This is due to several advances in technology that converged to make it more viable. RPA has its due place in the more general concept of enterprise digital transformation, where as an RPA developer, your mission is to “automate all we can”. This is of course assuming this automation is sustainable and cohesive across the enterprise, and that there is an established business case for that automation.

How an RPA developer can drive business efficiency - Talent [R]evolution

The “robotic” in Robotic Process Automation refers to software robots. These bots run on physical or virtual machines performing actions based on a set of pre-programmed instructions. RPA bots can carry out various human-computer interactions, carrying out error-free tasks at a high volume and speed.

So how do these systems really operate? And what are the benefits of RPA? Continue reading to discover how an RPA developer can drive business efficiency: 

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