Janah Cycle Joins Tech Barcelona’s Ecosystem, Crafting Innovative Solutions to Combat Plastic Pollution in the Developing World.

Por Janah Cycle

05 febr. 2024

Janah Cycle is delighted to be joining Tech Barcelona’s vibrant digital and tech ecosystem as a new member of its community.

The impact-driven tech startup is tackling plastic pollution by enabling Western brands to initiate critical plastic recovery efforts and push plastic waste reduction in disadvantaged regions of the Global South. Their solution is backed with real-time AI verification of the impact in the field.

On a mission to eliminate plastic pollution by leveraging technology and empowering global collaboration for immediate and continuous funding wherever impactful change is needed, Janah’s goal is to prevent 1 billion kg of plastic from entering the oceans by 2035.

Their mission aligns perfectly with Tech Barcelona’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability.

Partnering up with eco-conscious cosmetic leaders, sustainable outdoor brands and beverage trendsetters, Janah Cycle, and its co-founders Sebastian, Johann, and Anton, stand at the forefront of sustainability, focusing on critical plastic recovery efforts in the developing world, starting in India. They share with Tech Barcelona a commitment to addressing global challenges and connecting people and communities.

Joining Tech Barcelona demonstrates Janah Cycle’s vision that innovation and technology have the power to assist our economies in the shift to more sustainable models.

The Janah Impact Dashboard, powered by a state of the art data Verification Protocol developed in partnership with Northampton University, enables brands to precisely measure and communicate the tangible social and environmental impact they are having on the ground.

This collaboration with Tech Barcelona will enable the impact tech startup to keep growing by reinforcing its tech solutions thanks to TB’s expertise.

Both entities envision a world where the collective efforts of individuals, businesses, and communities transcend geographical boundaries and where technology and impact are essential.

Janah Cycle’s vision is rooted in the belief that connections and collaborations are pivotal in addressing global environemental challenges, as it strives to inspire a shared commitment to a common goal: the preservation of our planet for future generations.

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