Looking for help to develop a highly functional prototype of a mobile app – Buscando ayuda para desarrollar un prototipo altamente funcional de una app

Por Triangularity S.L.

03 febr. 2022

Triangularity, with its partner Heuristica, is working on an innovative and impactful digital product that uses structured processes and AI to help teams and groups of experts use their collective intelligence to solve problems while collaborating remotely.

Our first objective is to build a prototype that implements our structured processes and provides preliminary outputs – and we need your help in doing this! This prototype will be used for our initial product testing and round-1 financing applications – so it is really important. At the same time, we are currently a bootstrap operation – so our budget is limited.

We are looking for someone that has hands-on experience in designing mobile applications for Android, iOS and WPA (WiFi Protected Access), and understands the importance of having a holistic vision of the technology involved in an application stack. We also need someone who is sensitive to cybersecurity issues, understands security-by-design principles and pro-actively implements them in their work.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact Virginia at and let’s have a conversation: we have an adventurous vision to share.

Nota final: Hablo inglés, francés y español (y puedo leer catalán) pero mi socio no habla español – so la capacidad de comunicarse en inglés o francés es importante.