Why a post-merger integration plan is the make-or-break feature of successful M&A in eHealth

Por Outvise

30 abr. 2024

The eHealth industry is growing. Growth often means regular flux, with one-time leaders of industry losing their market share and others gaining it just as quickly. Mergers and acquisitions are an essential and inevitable part of navigating a volatile market. Growing, reconfiguring, and reimagining an organisation is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage, but meanwhile, the transition can be just as volatile as the market; this is why a post-merger integration plan is crucial.

How have mergers and acquisitions changed the eHealth landscape?

Doctor holding a card with text E-HEALTH

Explore the challenges and dynamics of the eHealth industry’s growth, mergers, and acquisitions with Mark, a seasoned M&A Specialist and expert at Outvise: