Winter 2023 Best Reads edition

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20 des. 2023

Get ready for a winter of inspiration! 

We’ve handpicked the finest content for our Winter 2023 Best Reads edition, crafted in collaboration with our expert network.

 A dose of reading pleasure👇

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💻 Business

  • “A strategic look at business process transformation”, Jassim Al Awadhi

  • “How a Customer Experience Specialist can make the difference”, Valentin Ciobanu

  • “Opting for freelance insurance consulting is a smart move for firms”, Pau Cerdà

🤖 Data & Tech

  • “How AI in recruitment will revolutionise the hiring process”, Dave Messinger

  • “Why the PM² and SAFe methodology are a winning project management combination”, David de Andrés

  • “Generative AI trends & thoughts for talent platformsr”,  Frederic Caillau

💼 Future of work

  • “The art of quiet hiring: Building high-performance teams in silence”, María Ángeles Aguilar

  • “Why joining a freelance community could make all the difference to your career”, Elina Jutelyte

  • “Getting a grasp on freelancer tools: Leveraging them for success”, Ignacio Jaureguizar

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