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Plaça de Pau Vila, 1, 08039 Barcelona, España


SEAT:CODE is the Barcelona based tech start-up created in 2019 to disrupt the future of SEAT. Our goal is to foster the digitalization within SEAT to pivot from a successful car manufacturer into an even more successful and efficient mobility service provider with fans as customers.

We will achieve such a challenge by hiring the most talented people, giving them the right work ecosystem, the right tooling, and the autonomy to develop the best-fit solutions that will delight our customers.

We are building teams around our three product lines: Micromobility and Mobility, Customer Experience and Smart Supply Chain.

1. Micromobility and Mobility.

SEAT wants to contribute to a better, cleaner and more sustainable world by developing sharing mobility solutions that will improve people’s lives. SEAT:CODE will unleash the power of kick-scooters, electric scooters, electric cars, mobility on demand, and much more by developing its own mobility platform for SEAT and for third parties that share the same vision.

2. WOW! Customer Experience.

SEAT wants customers to flip out when thinking, getting information, purchasing or supporting any SEAT products. SEAT:CODE will work in developing solutions to improve the customer experience from the most offline experience (physical stores using VR for example) to the most online experience (e-commerce platform with subscription models for example).

3. Smart Supply Chain.

SEAT wants to monitor, improve, and control the whole end-to-end of the supply chain of all the SEAT products. From how the pieces arrived at the factory, until when we deliver the car to our beloved customers. The goal is to be the most efficient and fastest brand delivering products to our customers. This vision encourages data ingestion, prediction, messaging oriented systems and a lot of other amazing skills.