Disaster recovery plan: The effective hybrid cloud strategies

Por Outvise

17 Feb 2022

A lot of debate has arisen in the recent era of cloud computing. One of the main concerns is the choice between public, private or hybrid cloud strategy. There is no one option better than the other, but there are business drivers for each. However, generally speaking, the advantages of the hybrid cloud outweigh the private and public as it has the common benefits of both. This is especially the case for a business’s disaster recovery plan or DR plan.

Disaster recovery plan: The hybrid cloud as an essential component - Talent [R]evolution

However, disaster recovery plans are rarely the principal driver – although it should be. Recent studies have shown that the top reason for adopting the hybrid cloud model is principally to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). Nonetheless, in this article, we’ll make the case that the crucial advantage of the hybrid cloud is the disaster recovery capabilities it provides. 

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