Tech Women in Catalonia! We’re looking for volunteers for the Technovation Girls 2024. Do you want to be a councilor and guide to girls?


30 abr. 2024

Hey there, amazing women of Barcelona’s tech scene!

We’re reaching out to you because we know you’re all about making waves and breaking barriers in tech. And now, we’ve got a Golden opportunity for us to band together and light up the path for today’s girls, guiding them towards a brighter, tech-savvy future. It’s all about empowering the next gen of innovators and leaders, and who better to lead the charge tan you?

Guess what? Technovation Girls 2024 is just around the corner, and we’re super excited! But here’s the thing – we need some awesome folks like you to jump in and help us out. We’re on the lookout for volunteers to be councilors, guiding and cheering on our girls as they dive into the world of tech and entrepreneurship. It’s all about making a difference and having a blast while at it!

If you’re all about empowering young minds and have a knack for organizing fun learning experiences, we’d love for you to join us. Just pop over to our volunteer form here: [Join the Fun!] and make sure to pick the first option to let us know you’re in for being a counselor.

Let’s team up to inspire these amazing girls to build, innovate, and shine.
Can’t wait to see the magic we’ll create together!