The Rise of Circular Marketplaces with Peter C. Evans (MIT Platform Strategy Summit) & Marina Planas CEO & Co-Founder TheNTWK

Por TheNTWK, Leading Community on Platforms and Ecosystems

19 Feb 2024

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The urgent need to shift to a more sustainable and circular economic model that maximizes resource use has become increasingly clear.  But enacting this systemic transition requires concrete changes in daily economic activities. Circular marketplaces are emerging as an important avenue to bring circularity into mainstream commerce.

These digital platforms use technology to efficiently facilitate exchanges of used, recycled, and upcycled materials and goods. Everything from secondhand apparel to scrap metal to remanufactured electronics is being circulated on growing platforms like ThredUp, Troveo, and Back Market. By making transactions frictionless, circular marketplaces unlock latent value in wasted products and bring circular principles to life.  

The proliferation of circular marketplaces signals promising momentum. In 2023 alone, circular marketplace startups attracted nearly $500 million in venture capital. Current forecasts estimate these platforms will grow to account for 60% of the $1.5 trillion projected circular economy by 2030, compared to just 25% of today’s $410 billion market.

Join our discussion with Marina Planas CEO & Co-Founder of TheNTWK and  Peter Evans, MIT Platform Strategy Summit Co-Chair, Chief Strategy Officer at McFadyen Digital, TheNTWKSummit Co-Chair and a globally recognized expert on circular marketplaces.